Soaring Energy prices leading to use of Wood fuels

Soaring Energy prices leading to use of Wood fuels

According to the BBC "Typical domestic energy bills could hit more than £3,300 a year this winter, according to the latest forecasts."

Consultancy Cornwall Insight said the typical gas and electricity bill in England, Wales and Scotland could reach £3,363 in the new year."

These prices are far too substantial for a large proportion of Britains and so theres been an increased turn towards wood fuels. 

Dr Craig Lowrey, principal consultant at Cornwall Insight has said: "There is always some hope that the market will stabilise and retreat in time for the setting of the January [price] cap.

"However, with the announcement of the October cap only a month away, the high wholesale prices are already being baked in to the figure, with little hope of relief from the predicted high energy bills."

Installing a log burner, which is cheaper to run than traditional gas and electric heating system, is more financially appealing than ever due to the rumbling fuel crisis.

 A burner uses an average of 3.5 cubic meters of wood if used from mid-October to mid-April in the evenings and at weekends, according to calculations by the Stove Industry Alliance. With a cubic meter of kiln dried logs costing between £120 to £140, this puts the average heating bill for the colder months at between £420 to £490. 

Andy Hill, of the Stove Industry Alliance, said: "With rising fuel costs, wood burning becomes ever more cost effective and our members are reporting increased demand for wood fuel supplies as concern grows about the financial impact on families of the energy price rises. 

"Using an eco-design wood burning stove comfortably heats the room in which it is situated, while also warming the whole home, reducing our reliance on gas, electricity and oil for heating and offering an effective way of reducing home energy bills this winter."

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