Our firewood ensures low emissions and trouble-free heating with a high energy value.

Pellet Replacement Fuel

✓ BSL Authorised and complies with the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI).

✓ A clean fuel with low ash and low dust which does not break up.

✓ A low moisture content of 8–10%.

✓ A fuel priced to be cheaper than pellet prices.

✓ A high calorific value of at least 4800kW per ton.

✓ All timber is from 100% virgin UK traceable, sustainable Woodlands and Forestry.

✓ A fuel available all year round in any quantity required.

Pellet Replacement Fuel can be delivered all year round in any size required

Pellet Replacement Fuel has been developed to enable pellet users to burn a high quality hardwood fuel with the same size, characteristics and calorific value as pellets. Our fuel is made from 100% virgin, sustainably sourced BSL/ FSC certified timber with a low moisture content (between 8–10%) as an ideal fuel for your pellet boiler, whether you are heating your home or your business.

This fuel has been developed over the past year and tested for over 7500 hours in Hargassner 199kW boilers and the results have been excellent.
There are no issues with regard to the fuel flowing well with no bridging in fuel stores, no dust in
the fuel store, a clean burn and excellent calorific output results.

Currently there is a variety in the quality of pellets which are being sold in the UK and in some instances there is no availability of pellets at all. Our pellet replacement fuel will alleviate:

✗ Pellets not available when required or at the quantities required.
✗ Poor quality pellets when blown, breaking up and turning to sawdust.
✗ Pellets which arrive with contamination.
✗ Pellets which have no consistency and therefore do not burn correctly.
✗ Long lead times for ordering pellets.
✗ Significant movements in pellet pricing over winter and summer months.