Here at Midlands Premium Firewood, we specialise in producing high-quality dry wood chip for the biomass boiler market. We are authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and pride ourselves on supplying clean burning, low moisture and therefore extremely efficient wood fuel at the highest specification all year round.

We only supply Virgin wood, maintaining a high quality product

✓ Our wood is chipped while wet, producing a consistent sized product - BS EN 14961-4:2011*

✓ Dried to a 15-25% moisture content to enhance the calorific value of the chip

✓ We can also dry the chip to your specifications

✓ We ensure the traceability and sustainability of all our products

✓ Our chip is sent off at regular intervals for testing to ensure we maintain our high standards

We are able to supply in large quantities at short notice all year round.


Our chip can be priced on the volume per cubic metre (m3) and we can sell per ton, but we want to ensure that we quote on a like for like basis which is why we don’t just list our prices. For more information please contact us directly on 01743 851471